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Home of the Elkland Rapids Swim Team

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Opening Day May 25th, 2024




Membership invoices and newsletter are mailing out April 1.

NEW: Annual Dues payments must be RECEIVED using check or Venmo by May 15, 2024!

Starting May 16, forfeited (unpaid) memberships will be offered to those on the waitlist. Elkland is at the maximum of 275 members and has a waitlist of people wanting to join the pool. No payments will be accepted on opening day at the pool.

Put a check in the mail to PO Box 727 Elkview 25071 soon enough to be received by May 3, and receive five free guest passes for the season.

Details on Venmo will be rolling out soon.



FREE Swimming Lessons return: Intro to Swimming (ages 3-5) and Beginning Strokes & Pool Safety (ages 6-8).

Dates and more details will be available in the office.


Sign-ups will start May 25th in the office.



Your Elkland pool board working to make your summer here the best it can be!!! Counting down the days until summer!





Reminders & Policies
  • SPECIAL THANKS to Kenny Newhouse for donating his labor and expertise to remove trees and excavate the hillside!

  • Elkland by-laws define Membership classes. A Family Membership is members of ONE household. A Single Membership is a person age 18 or older without dependent children. A Senior Membership is single or married persons age 55 or older without dependent children. Anyone with you, not part of your Membership is a Guest.

  • Elkland has improved the check-in process. Pool staff will check-in each member or member family when they visit the pool. Staff will also log in Guests visiting with a member, and track how many times each Guest has used the pool in the current month. Per the bylaws, a Guest is permitted to attend four times per month at the pool.

  • Guest Fees for swimmers and non-swimmers: Seniors (55+) $3 | Adults (18-54) $5 | Juniors (13-17) $5 | Children (0-12) $3

  • To schedule a party this summer, please come to the office, starting May 27. Note, Elkland is changing the way party guest fees are paid. ALL PARTY GUEST FEES WILL NOW BE PAID BY THE MEMBER for the number of nonmembers attending.

  • No child under twelve years of age may be admitted to, or remain at, the pool unless under the supervision of a person fifteen years of age or older.

  • Elkland is a safe, family-friendly, fun place to spend summer days. Please refrain from inappropriate language and behavior.  

  • The  Elkland Office Telephone Number and WiFi password will be available and posted by opening day. Please note, the Elkland Pool Inc. Facebook page is not continuously monitored. Only during the off-season is Facebook a good way to contact Elkland. Once the season opens, if you have inquiries, please contact the office directly for a timelier response.

  • We have a waitlist of people wanting to join the Elkland family!

  • Please remember annual dues are to be paid in full by Opening Day. Our by-laws do not allow a grace period. Elkland terminated 31 memberships in 2021 and 22 memberships in 2022 for nonpayment. Their Construction Fund Certificates are null and void.

  • Forfeited memberships are available after opening day for new applicants (subject to approval).

  • Receive five free single-use Guest Passes if dues are received by the invoice due date of May 5, 2023.

Family           Trial Membership        Construction Fund Certificate        Senior/Single         Membership Transfer* 

      $450              $450                           $200.                                              $300.                      $100
                                      *(Membership Transfer -new rate / 1-time to become a full member)

Membership Dues *Subjuct to Change


Elkland Rapids


Home of the Elkland Rapids Swim Team

Fee: $25.00 per swimmer
What to wear: Royal Blue Swim Suit

What to expect as a swimmer: Attend practice, Follow the rules, Participate in swim meets, and HAVE FUN.

What to expect as a swim team family: Pay the swim team fee on time,VOLUNTEER at every meet, and HAVE FUN.


Your 2023 Coaches:

Callie Perry Gwen Beaver Jill Beaver Brayden Scott


2023 Swim Meets:

Dual Meets

Wednesday, June 14 Elkland at Chas. Tennis Club

Wednesday, June 21 Elkland hosts Edgewood CC

Wednesday, June 28 Elkland at Little Creek Park

Wednesday, July 5 location & opponent TBD


GKVSL Championships: July 12-15 (Wed. ages 11-12, Thu. ages 9-10, Fri. ages 8 & under, Sat. ages 13 & over).

A team meeting with coaches and parents will be held shortly after opening day.

Please watch for announcements on Facebook and at the pool.

We are excited for the 2023 swim team season, see you in the water!




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact pool office or fill out the following form

Contact Us

Pool Office

2813 Rummell Drive

Charleston, WV, United States, 25302


Schedule a party: See office manager

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 11am to 8pm

Sun 12pm to 8pm


To apply for a job with Elkland Pool, please send a resume to:

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